3 Things To Consider Before Trying a New ADHD Diet

These days, parents of children with ADHD/ADD have something that is both a blessing and a curse: options. Why is it important to know the 3 things to consider before trying a new ADHD diet? Because, these days, we have way too many choices. Having a lot of options can definitely be a blessing (if Plan A doesn’t work, we can […]


Giving Kids Choices With Food

Kids love choices.  They love being in charge of things….and it could be anything. Something as silly as “you get to choose who gets their dinner plate first tonight” can be thrilling to a 4-year-old.  And if you think about it, they don’t have much control over their lives, so if we can give them choices with little things, they’ll […]


How To Boost Kids’ Immune Systems

School is always a breeding ground for colds and the flu. This year, parents are really questioning the strength of their children’s immune systems. They’re wondering what foods to avoid and which ones to include in order to boost kids’ immune systems, in case they are exposed to COVID19. My strategy when it comes to the immune system is twofold:  […]