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About Me...

I’m Shawna Hughes, BSc., a Registered Holistic Nutritionist for kids with ADHD.  I have always been interested in Psychology and Health, and rather obsessed with food, but it was my personal struggles that led me to this calling.  

I am a mom to two lovely little ladies, one of whom has struggled with inattention and anxiety. I’ve struggled with anxiety and inattention since childhood and only discovered how much diet and lifestyle impact my mental health during my Nutrition studies.

I know firsthand how a balanced diet and a solid routine can impact your day-to-day life – I’ve seen it in both myself and my child.  We’ve figured out the diet and lifestyle strategies that work best for us.  Now, I’m dedicated to helping other parents in similar situations find what works for their families.   

Simple diet, supplement, and lifestyle changes can bring about huge improvements in focus, self-regulation, concentration and calmness.  It all comes down to figuring out the right fit for your family – and I can help you do that!

My 3 Main Principles For Nutrition Interventions:

#1.  It all starts with food…but it’s not only food. Everything we put into our body will affect our health somehow. But…food can’t do it all!  ADHD support must be holistic to be effective.  That’s why my coaching includes lifestyle hacks to optimize your child’s success!


#2. Unhealthy habits cannot be switched off overnight. Anyone can commit to an extreme diet for a short period (trust me, I’ve tried them all!), but those drastic changes are not sustainable or healthy, either physically or mentally.

#3. We are all different – physically, psychologically, and our lifestyles.  A “one size fits all” meal plan does not work for every family.

I understand that an effective health plan requires guidance – it’s not just telling people what to eat and what to do.  I help your family implement changes to make sure you have the best chances of success.  Whether you need recipes, brand names, meal planning templates, bedtime routine hacks, or picky eating strategies, I’ve got you covered!  I’ll make this as easy as changing the toilet paper roll should be for your kids  😉

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone

  • It hurts you to see your child struggling with aggression, impulsiveness, hyperactivity, and social immaturity.  You want to help him, but don’t know where to start.
  • You know that YOU are capable of having a real impact on her symptoms but you’re overwhelmed with “information overload”…with so many options and opinions online, you can’t figure out which foods and strategies are the best way to support ADHD.
  • You don’t want to waste precious time researching recipes and reading the labels on everything you pick up at the grocery store.  Your time is NOT a renewable resource!
  • You just want a roadmap; a how-to guide that details exactly what you need to do in order to help your child. You want that roadmap customized to fit into YOUR family’s lifestyle and take YOUR child’s personality and preferences into account.
  • You need a solution that doesn’t require a ton of time and energy every day….no one wants their life consumed by ADHD.

  • I can bring you that roadmap and put you on the path to smoother, peaceful days with ADHD.
But Wait...What If My Kid Won't Eat Anything On That Roadmap??
No worries! We can fix that.

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