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Helping Parents Use The Power of Nutrition to Manage ADHD


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Are you worried about Your Child's ADHD Symptoms?

  • Do you worry about the lack of focus?  
  • Do you get frustrated with their restlessness?
  • Do you worry about their school performance or their ability to make friends?
  • Do they have either no appetite or a voracious appetite because of meds?
  • Are you frustrated by all of the conflicting opinions about what foods they should be eating?
  • Are you ready for an approach that doesn’t involve turning your family’s life upside down?

You Are In The Right Place!

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Let's Figure This Out together...

Hi, I’m Shawna Hughes, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Psychology.  Having a daughter with ADD (Inattentive type) has led me here.  My passion is helping parents understand the connection between food and behavior in ADHD/ADD.  

I have spent years studying both Nutrition and Psychology and I understand the that two are intimately linked.  I don’t believe that the “perfect diet” exists, but it is possible to pinpoint foods that are contributing to your child’s behavioral challenges.  Using this knowledge, you can change food habits, slowly and consistently, to bring about amazing changes in their mental health. 

As a mother of two, I understand that you don’t have the time or the energy to completely overhaul your family’s diet and lifestyle overnight.  As a nutritionist, I understand that sudden, extreme changes to your diet are not sustainable.  Let’s work together to develop a real plan that caters to your unique family.  Let’s work toward progress, not perfection. You Can Do This.

just imagine...


imagine if you could stop worrying about your child's symptoms; the fidgeting, the impulsive behavior, the Overwhelm.

Children are so resilient.  With some guidance and support, your child can thrive!  Let’s start working on individual solutions that pinpoint your child’s triggers and take your lifestyle into account.


Imagine if you had an understanding about which foods are contributing to your child's symptoms and how to easily find substitutes that work for your child.

Having a food intolerance (or a few) shouldn’t control your child’s life! Let’s figure out how we can easily introduce new foods into their diet to nourish their body and mind.


Imagine if you had a solid understanding of The Mind-Gut connection.

Let’s be honest.  We all know that poor digestion is not good for our health.  I will help you to understand exactly why optimal digestion is an essential component of mental health & how simply improving digestion by itself can bring about noticeable changes in your child’s ADHD symptoms. 

Grab Your FREE ADHD Supplement Guide Plus Bonus 3-Day Meal Plan for ADHD! Sign up below.

Let's do this.