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Your Guide To Happy Mealtimes

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thinking an aDHD-friendly diet is off the table because your kid's picky?

Then my guide: 5 simple steps to peaceful meals with your picky eater is just what you need (plus it's free)!

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does all the information about
"ADHD and Diet" leave you overwhelmed?

  • Your heart breaks watching your child struggle to focus, stay calm, and control their mood. You want to do everything in your power to support their mental health. And you know diet is crucial for brain health.
  • You spend hours Googling “ADHD nutrition”, but you still have no clear idea what the ideal “brain diet” looks like. You’re a smart, capable person – so why is this harder than squeezing water from a stone? 
  • You’re wasting precious time and getting nowhere – if anything you’re more confused! The research articles are too complicated; the articles and blogs are too vague – where’s the practical advice? Where’s the clear “step 1”?
  • You know that they need balanced nutrition, but everyone online has a different idea of what that means. What’s the right approach? No packaged food? No sugar? What about supplements? How do you get started?  
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I'm here to get you started...
with a plan developed just for you.
without a lifestyle overhaul.

headshot Shawna Hughes
Hi! I'm Shawna
I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, mother of two, and lover of The golden Girls

I understand what it’s like to live with anxiety and ADHD. I know how overwhelming it is to see those mental health issues emerge in my child. It can feel overwhelming because this isn’t the life you pictured for your child. 

But you CAN handle this. You’re committed to seeing your child reach their full potential and I’m dedicated to showing you how Nutrition can impact focus, energy levels, and mood.

ADHD and success can co-exist. My family is thriving and I want that for you too.

As a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, I help overwhelmed parents figure out exactly what food and supplements are lacking in their kid’s diet. When you know how to fill the gaps, you can stop asking yourself “am I missing something in his diet?” 

I also provide simple, specific, actionable steps for you to take to make your daily routines run like a well-oiled machine. Mornings become simple; homework isn’t Fight Club, and bedtimes are running on auto-pilot.

You can rest assured that you left no stone unturned in the quest to support that brilliant ADHD brain. More importantly, you’ll get more days without a call from school, and sleep all night without being yanked out of dreamland by a problem sleeper. 

I know a total lifestyle overhaul is not possible for your family, but you are willing to take consistent, impactful steps to start moving your child towards calm and confidence. You don’t need perfection. You just need smoother days. Now, let’s go get them!

Does this all sound out of reach because your kid is too picky?

No problem, click below to grab my picky eating e-book (it's free!) and start enjoying mealtimes where your kid eats more than white bread

there's More to it than just diet...

You Know You're An Amazing Parent, So Why Does Every Little Thing Feel Like An Uphill Battle With Your Kid?

puzzled woman with pen ADHD mom
  • Every morning involves an annoying delay, meltdown, or forgotten task (“what do you mean you didn’t brush your teeth?!”).
  • You’ve tried bribing, threatening, praying, but you’re still struggling with daily routines. Homework and bedtime seem to run on auto-pilot for other families – so why can’t you make them work?!
  • You’d kill for an extra 5 minutes each morning – when you’re actually waiting to leave, rather than running out the door with a piece of toast in your mouth!
  • You vaguely remember a time when your late evenings were a relaxing time to unwind, and your head didn’t hit the pillow 5 minutes after your kids were asleep.
  • You read the blogs, join the support groups, but you’re getting nowhere – vague advice is hard to implement. Why can’t someone just give you a “how-to” guide?

Let Me be that guide to smooth, predictable days & confident parenting

just imagine...


Imagine if you knew exactly what to feed your child to provide every crucial brain nutrient.

Knowing what to feed your kid shouldn’t be harder than grad school! Let’s easily pinpoint the foods that are causing trouble and gradually introduce new foods that nourish their body and mind…without mealtime battles.


Imagine if you had a solid understanding of simple lifestyle hacks that can bring harmony at home and confidence at school.

Kids with ADHD need more than just Nutrition support.  Other factors need to be addressed to optimize success.  My approach includes lifestyle coaching to help your family form new routines and habits that take you from chaos to calm 🙂


imagine Your Home with a calmer atmosphere...a smoother rhythm.

Children are so resilient.  With individualized support, watch them thrive!  Let’s work on individual solutions that take their uniqueness and your lifestyle into account.

Yes, you can do this...even with a picky eater.

Let's do this.