Ready to know exactly what to feed your kid for aDHD support?

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Private Coaching Program:
"ADHD Roadmap"

For parents who know they need to nourish their child’s brain and are sick of wasting time searching for “The Perfect Diet”.

For those who keep wondering “Is something missing from their diet?”, “Is food impacting their ADHD?”

For parents who want to take the burden of figuring out how to provide all the essential brain nutrients off their shoulders and just have a precise guide to show them what to do.

ADHD Roadmap not only takes the guesswork out of what to feed your child but also shows you exactly how to implement changes effectively with ADHD kids.


Helping you Feed your kids with confidence...

Discover a life of smoother days…days when you feel good about how you nourish your child. 

Spend your free time doing what you want to do, not preoccupied, Googling “ADHD Nutrition”.

Stop obsessively reading labels and researching ingredients.

Walk down the supplement aisle quickly grabbing exactly what you know you need, rather than wasting an hour reading and comparing vitamin labels.

I’ll show you exactly what’s missing from your child’s diet, and what needs to go.

I’ll also show you how to make changes that get you results quicker. Rather than just giving you a list of recommendations, I’m going to guide you through that list, so you actually know what to do.

You’ll get specific meal and snack ideas, product and recipe links – no vague advice like “add more protein” or “start taking zinc”.

Your week-by-week guide is tailor-made for your family, based on your lifestyle, personality, and preferences, leading to success that sticks!

Total Program Cost: $549 USD
Duration: 3-4 Months

What you get:

  • 1 x 75-Minute Introductory consult where we discuss your child’s health history, your concrete, measurable goals, your lifestyle, time constraints, and your child’s temperament and personality.
  • 1 x Comprehensive Roadmap – Your customized DIY guide is developed as we work together and explained/tweaked with your input.  It includes diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations to be implemented over a period of 3-4 months.  All recommendations are clearly described, common challenges are discussed, and any questions you have are addressed to ensure you feel comfortable putting the plan into action! 
  • 3 x 45-Minute Zoom Follow-up Sessions – these sessions build on the changes you’ve already made. We discuss specific next steps, troubleshoot challenges, and celebrate successes!  
  • Weekly Check-In Emails & Email Support (ends 4 weeks after our final session) to keep you on track, address questions you forgot to ask in our sessions, and help you tweak problems that come up so you can keep moving forward before our  next session.
  • ADHD-specific resources to help you and your child develop new habits.
  • Easy, nutrient dense and delicious recipes your family can enjoy (if requested).

What people are saying....

Private coaching program:
"Thriving As an Adult With ADHD"

a program for adults who want to understand the best diet for their mental health; who struggle with maintaining a balanced diet because of poor food-related habits and/or a negative relationship with food.

this program addresses Nutrition, Mindset, and Lifestyle/Routine. An emphasis on habit-forming strategies provides the groundwork for optimal success.

In This Program, You Will Learn How To:

  • Eat in a balanced way that provides you with calm, productive energy, not a seesaw between manic energy and depleted exhaustion.

  • Meal plan, realistically and easily.

  • Habitually shop in a way that guarantees you have balanced options in your kitchen – that won’t go bad before the end of the week!

  • Discover a new relationship with food that is focused on food not as “good” or “bad”, but as nourishment that you deserve.

  • Discover what is stopping you – identify your personal saboteurs – and conquer them!

  • Give yourself credit for making new habits and replace negative self-talk with growth mindset- this is a process and perfection is not the goal!
Total Program Cost $795USD
Duration: 4 Months

What you get:

  • 1 x 75-Minute Initial consultation – We identify concrete goals, assess the current diet for nutrient gaps, and get into a positive mindset for change.  We develop habit forming strategies together and make small, impactful initial changes.

  • 1x 2-week follow up – We assess to discover your biggest roadblocks and tackle them with proven strategies for maximum success.  Identifying your biggest personal obstacles is key to overcoming them.

  • 4 x bi-weekly Follow-ups – New recommendations are added each month that naturally build onto new habits that you’ve formed.  Strategic planning is provided for all new recommendations so you’re not just told what to do and left to figure out the logistics on your own.

  • Email Support – every step of the way, you’ve got a coach to help you troubleshoot so you’re not stuck, unable to move forward, waiting for your next follow-up.

  • Resources – Resources (websites, worksheets, app & book recommendations) to help you with time management, emotional regulation, meal and grocery planning, and recognizing your innate awesomeness!
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still Unsure? Book your FREE Assessment Call

The First Step In Any Of My Programs Is A Complementary Assessment Call.
Cost: FREE
Duration: 30 minutes

During your free 30 minute Assessment Call we will discuss your child’s health history, your family’s lifestyle, as well as your current goals.    

Then, I will provide you with my proposed plan of action that we would follow, should we decide to start working together.  The plan of action would include Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Mindset Factors that would be addressed in a steady and sustainable manner.  

You will have the opportunity to ask questions about specific concerns you may have about the consulting process.  You will learn more about what to expect during our consultations.  

Most importantly, this is a chance for us to get to know each other and determine if we will be a good fit to work together. 

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