Picky eating

Solutions For Picky Eaters: Why Hiding Foods Is a Bad Idea

I know you want a solution that works for your picky eater because let’s face it: parenting picky eaters sucks. Mealtimes become a battlefield where your kids complain, you nag, bribe, and threaten, and nobody’s having a good time. And the problems continue away from the table. You worry about their nutrition needs. There’s no way they’re getting enough vitamins […]


How To Help ADHD Kids With Picky Eating

It’s not your imagination! Picky eating is more common among ADHD kids than the general population. Let’s dive into the reasons behind that and what we can do to help them adopt a more balanced diet. 3 Big Reasons For Picky Eating With ADHD & What To Do About Them 1. The Control Factor Kids with ADHD are far more […]