ADHD Nutrients

Creating a balanced diet for ADHD athletes

ADHD athletes have unique nutritional needs. Not only do they need all the vital nutrients for brain health, but their bodies need the right fuel to maintain stamina and energy when they practice or compete. Which nutrients are key? Competitive athletes burn up certain nutrients more than the average child. 4 nutrients to be especially mindful of are: Extra Info: […]


Supplements For ADHD

Which Supplements Are Recommended For ADHD And How They Might Help Your Child Parents often ask me whether or not they should supplement with ADHD.  And, if so, which supplements are recommended for ADHD. Of course, like the rest of your child’s health plan, supplements should be recommended on an individual basis. Therefore, advice should be based on what they’re […]


Protein Is Crucial For ADHD

Finding the ideal ADHD diet for your child can be confusing.  With so many potential food sensitivities, it can seem like almost everything is off-limits.  Regardless of food sensitivities or which diet you choose for your child, you’ll want to ensure that they get enough protein. Protein is one nutrient that is crucial for kids with ADHD. Why Is Protein […]