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More Free Resources To Help You Implement Dietary changes With Your Child

Studies Now Link Prenatal Tylenol (acetaminophen) use to aDHD and ASD

For information on this subject, advice for over-the-counter painkiller use during pregnancy, and to request a legal review if you feel you have been impacted, please click the button below.

Free Cooking Journal

  • Kids often resist new foods when the foods are new and unfamiliar.
  • Food prep provides repeated exposure to new foods (not just eating it but touching, smelling, interacting with it).
  • More exposure = more acceptance 🙂
  • This journal shows you how to get started with your kids in the kitchen, without the overwhelm!

Hidden Sugar Guide

  • Sugar is everywhere!
  • Many kids are sensitive to high sugar foods because they lead to blood sugar spikes and crashes which cause attention and mood instability.
  • This guide shows you 4 foods that are often labeled as “healthy” but frequently contain very high amounts of sugar.