"Thriving With ADHD" Group Program

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Success Is Possible With ADHD!

Just The Facts, Solutions, and Support you need

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You know diet impacts mental health – how could the fuel you give your kids not impact their brains?
  • You’re a parent who knows how to get things done.  When you take on a project, you go “all-in”
  • You don’t know who or what to believe about ADHD Nutrition – there’s too much info to sift through and a lot of it is conflicting
  • You don’t know where to start – there are too many changes to make and it’s overwhelming.  You need some concrete direction.
  • Your free time is limited – you want to get started but you can’t drop everything for appointments.

If so, I’ve got just what you need…

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"Thriving With ADHD" - The Program You've Been Waiting For

Time To Cross "ADHD Solutions" Off Your List
This New 10-Week Online Group Program:
  1. Provides you with just the facts, based on science(!), about what dietary and lifestyle factors can influence ADHD, so you don’t need to weed through the “woo” and get the best information.
  2. Presents the facts in 10 small, pre-recorded chunks that are easy to handle one week at a time and in an order that yields the most success for most of my private coaching clients.
  3. Includes access to an online communication support platform and weekly group coaching calls to provide troubleshooting, brainstorming, and accountability, so you’re not left to figure things out on your own if something is confusing or challenging along the way.
  4. *BONUS* I’ll go through your kid’s current diet and daily routine and make personalized recommendations so you know EXACTLY which parts of the program you need to be focusing on most and with the most commitment.

You'll Learn All About...

  • Diet and ADHD – what has the most impact and how to properly balance a diet for optimal brain health
  • Supplementing With ADHD – Common deficiencies, choosing a safe and potent supplement, how to effectively and safely combine supplements.
  • Plant-Based Remedies – Which ones work best for which symptoms; which ones aren’t great for kids, and how to use them for the best effects.
  • Lifestyle Factors – The biggest factors that impact ADHD often involve simple, step-by-step habit-forming strategies – an optimal routine is half the battle with ADHD and I’ll show you how to develop habits and routines that stick!
  • Stress – Stress impacts ADHD as much as any other factor and I’ll provide the stress-reduction strategies that are most effective with my 1-on-1 clients – these are great for parents to use too!
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Introductory Pricing For This Program is Just $249USD